Tattoos !!

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

And here we go!

                …with our very own 1st post \m/

We’ll be blogging about all that matters about

Tattoos !

Everything and anything concerned. All the sciences and the arts behind. The DOs and the DON'Ts. The first-timers and the addicts. Getting the design guidance and the after-care.The experiences and of-course the trends.

All this to help yal choose better.

Tattoos are our world! It’s a passion, gushing through our bloodstream. We love the tattoo-community and what they stand for. We love the tattoo-doers and the tattoo-getters…for the fact that our beliefs are extra-ordinary and we’ve the curious attitude to carry this amazing body-art in the coolest possible style. \m/

Tattoo-aspirants. ..keep getting stirred!

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