The place - Naughty Needles Tattoo Studio

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

As we said earlier, we took up tattooing as a choice. .. It was a dream.

Worthy enough and we chose not to let go on that at any cost.

we started with tattooing at kisan nagar (thane) . Friends came along and I made a good number of contacts. People started appreciating the art-work and we got throttle to start up with a commercial tattoo-studio.

we started with the hunt for the perfect place to set up the studio and we headed to many commercial locations. High on fuel! Just then we found our perfect spot and got it rooted as per our pick.Modified and equipped!

Naughty-Needles Tattoos’ is the place. Naughty Needles because it sounds deeper, closer and more custom-made. It’s not just a tattooing spot but a place where all my buddies and acquaintances come along and crash at anytime. Obviously they own it too. We are definitely a community!


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