As you may know, different artist seems to hand out different aftercare advice. we ourself have changed  advise over the years finally discovering the aftercare  techniques that seems to work best of our work..

follow these guidelines carefully and your tattoo shouldn't have any problems with healing process. although everyone's skin is different, so adjust to your needs using common sense



Most important factors in healing tattoo


cleanliness (never touch with dirty hands)

allow to breathe

light moisture

protect it from the sun

no additional trauma to the skin

no water logging, soaking in a bathtub,

Before Tattoo

Mostly our clients are from India .. due climate issue Indians skin are little dry and tan !!
so it is advised to moisture daily prior your appointment using cocount oil or any other moisture you may be currently using. this can make a massive difference 
on the ease of tattooing, meaning your tattoo my result in taking less time and you will gain optimum results.


After your Tattoo

Gently remove bandage 1-2 hours after procedure

wash tattoo using clean hands and antibacterial soap (recommend dettol hand wash)

pat dry using clean paper towel and allow to air dry.

Let it breathe

after two day, start applying very small amount of natural oil or regular base lotion, onto the tattoo

(recommend Johnson's baby lotion)