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life is a book, you yourself create, modify and learn from it. In everyone's life, there's a chapter when you realize there should be some one who can take care of you. I found my love on 28.04.17 and made her, my permanent life chapter. 

Before this Tattoo I've came twice for another two tattoos but both were for my dad...but this one is special and unplanned for my mum so thank you so much for arranged all the designs just as i wanted and make it awesome...❤ 
It was one of the master canvased done by you guys , why owl because he is symbol of wisdom and Magic and many gods in different mythology we’re connected to this kind and knowledgeable bird he is Protector and guardian of the dead.And his vision is as good as mine.
For 1st it's an AZTEC tattoo n tiger is my sprit animal n yes m like him strong & furious
Aztec tattoo symbolizes your belief in mysticism, greater power, nature, and energies “
My first tattoo made as the birthday gift for my fiance now husband, before our marriage. I got inked at the wrist exactly where one can find their heartbeat. He had my heart.
Almost two years back, two days before my 19th birthday, I decided to get a tattoo dedicated to my parents.
There was no way they were going to allow it, so I let it remain a secret.
On 25th August, I took along a cousin to the Naughty Needles parlour in Thane. I was already feing anxious but after entering the parlour, it just escalated. Took me two hours to finally decide that I wanna go for it. Before my turn, there were two girls getting their first tattoo as well, one of them started bleeding mildly and it again scared the shit out of me. Somehow my cousin talked me into getting it, and before I knew, there were needles in my arm and it was the most ticklish experience I’ve ever had. My cousin ended up getting another tattoo for herself too.
I had to keep my tattoo hidden for two days and roam around wearing full sleeves so that I could surprise my parents on my birthday.
What happened after I showed them?
I got a longgg lecture on my birthday.😂

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